April 2, 2010

Review: Lush's Rock Star Soap

I went on a tiny lush splurge the other day, well, a splurge because I bought it in Hong Kong and it's almost twice as expensive as it is in the UK. Anyway, I ended up purchasing a tiny piece of the Rock Star Soap (just over 100g, I believe). I cut it up into thin slices, ready for use.

I've heard a lot of great things about the this soap, especially how it smells and stuff. On the lush site, it's described as "sweet vanilla and strawberry". To me, it just smells really girly and feminine. I do like it, but not as much as my 'Honey I Washed the Kids' soap. Sometimes, I feel the smell can be overbearing and if I'm having an off day, it sometime smell like cough medicine, you know, the cherry kind.

I mean, overall, it does smell really good, and it makes my clothes smell good, hehe. I'll write a new blog post about how to store lush soaps and all, eh? It's easier than leaving it all in the bathroom. But that's another story. I find that it lathers extremely well, it's even better than my 'Honey I Washed the Kids' soap. But that's another disad, it just means the soap will disintegrate faster, so make sure you cut small pieces to stick in your shower, or it'll all just disappear and you've wasted your money. It disintegrates fast because the rock star soap, in my opinion, is actually a little more watery than the honey soap, there's more moisture so it's softer and easier to lather. Smell is great, colour is awesome (it is pink, after all!), lathers well. All in all, a great product from Lush.

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