March 20, 2010

Quick Tip: How To Keep Eyeliner Lasting Longer

If you want your eyeliner to stay on for longer, just set it with a matte black shadow! It's the same theory as setting your liquid foundation. It prevents the eyeliner from moving around and will last much longer. It is okay to set your waterline as long as you tap off the excess and place the powder extremely carefully on your waterline. To make it stay even longer? Place your concealer on your lid as a primer if you don't already do so! Again, same theory as primer for shadows, just a stickier base for the liner to stick to.

Review: Clarins Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs

I've been using this cleanser for about a year or so now, and it's been great for my skin. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin and this has not broken me out at all. In fact, it actually moisturizes my skin more than anything.

Okay, first of all, the look and packaging. The bottle itself is a tall, oval bottle with a white cap. The product itself is a light pale green. At the top where the product comes out, there is a small hole which stops any product from leaking out unless you squeeze the bottle, in which case the product comes out quite easily. So, gold star for that! :)

Now, onto the smell. When I first started using this cleanser, it smelt a little weird to me, just because I wasn't used to the herbs in the cleanser. It may smell really strange to you if you have a really sensitive nose, but otherwise, it's quite easy to get used to and now I quite like the smell.

What I do is that I take the bottle and squeeze about a dime-sized amount on my fingertips. I dab it on my cheeks, forehead and chin and then rub in circular motions gently. I feel that this cleanser does its job well. After usage, my skin feels extremely clean, not stripped of moisture, and it removes most of my makeup. I do find that I need to use a makeup remover after if there is any makeup leftover on my face leaving me with raccoon eyes D:

It retails at USD29.50 for 7oz or 200ml, so it's quite pricey for a cleanser. However, if you do have extremely dry and sensitive skin like me, then you'll understand that it's quite difficult to buy something which is good for you and doesn't cause an allergic reaction. Well, I guess it isn't that difficult, but it's just that I prefer using more high-end products for my skincare than makeup. A bottle of this baby last quite a while, so I think that it is worth the money.

March 16, 2010

Review: MAC's Technakohl Liner

I bought this eyeliner on a whim. I needed a pencil liner that I could use on my waterline and I'd heard from a couple of friends that the MAC one is one of the better ones to use. So I got it, since I didn't have any and I only had liquid eyeliner.

I really do like this product, just because it is one of those automatic pencil liners. It isn't an eyeliner that you have to sharpen constantly. Of course, this just means that the end won't be that sharp all the time but that's fine with me, to be honest... I mean, I can always work the pencil until it goes to a slightly pointed edge.

What I've found is that this eyeliner does go on extremely smoothly, but that's because it's a kohl liner. It's meant to be soft. This also meant that it goes on my waterline well, but it also gets off well... I mean, it stayed for a bit, but if I happened to tightline that day it would slip off after a couple hours in need of reapplication.

The good thing is, when applied to your upper lash line, it does stay put for a long time. However, it does slip a bit to your outer v area, where your upper and lower water line meet. It kind of goes into that little crease and a bit below it as well after a couple hours of wear, or if you have teary eyes.

For me, because on most days, I tend to just wear eyeliner, or even no make up, it's pretty easy for me to remove. I just use a cotton pad, soak it up with my makeup remover and place it over my eye for a couple of seconds before moving the cotton pad gently back and forth to get rid of the product. I've found that it works well to use a q-tip, just to get in between your lashes or on your waterline just because you don't want any of that makeup remover to get into your eyes to cause blurriness/stinging.

Overall, I do like this eyeliner, the staying power just isn't that good in my book. But you could always set it with a powder, just be careful of fallouts and please be extremely careful when you place the powder on your waterline, as it could get into your eye and cause damage.

For a short video on this, please click here.

Review: Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

Hey all! I purchased the Honey I Washed the Kids soap about a month ago because I'd seen all the great reviews on it. You know, the typical 'great smelling', 'caramel-y smelling' reviews? Well, I finally succumbed and bought it.

Now, I had huge expectations for this soap just because everyone has been raving about it. So, I went to the store, took a whiff, and HOLY BAJEEZUS. It smelt absolutely amazing! I went ahead and bought about 400g of this, which is quite a lot considering I live in Hong Kong and this costed me about 200hkd. This is around the equivalent of about 25usd? So, it was quite expensive.

Anyway, I got the woman who was working at the particular lush store I bought the soap at to cut the soap up into roughly four equal pieces. I had cut it so that two pieces had the gorgeous honeycomb pattern on top and two pieces were just the plain pale yellow soap. So I hopped into the shower with this soap, sniffing it along the way just because it smelt that good. It is extremely difficult to describe the smell. It's sort of an extremely sweet, caramel/toffee, but also honey smell, I guess. Haha, well that did a great job...

Back to the shower, so I went into my shower and after I'd used my shampoo and had put in my conditioner I took the soap and ran it under the hot water for a second or two. This was just so you know, I didn't have to put dry soap on my skin and make it, like, skid on my skin if you know what I mean. Anyway, so I ran it under the water, and put it on my skin and started sort of, rubbing up and down and to my surprise, it made bubbles! :D Of course, they weren't like huge, bubble bath sort of bubbles... they were more like tiny little bubbles that you get when a soap lathers really well. I expected it to be more creamy and that it'd be difficult to lather, but this wasn't the case obviously.

Moving on, I found this soap to be slightly drying. Don't get me wrong, my skin felt clean after I'd used it, but it wasn't moisturizing for me at all. Overall, I love this soap just because of the smell and because of how it acts like a soap, but moisturizing? Not so much. I use a moisturizer anyhow so it didn't really make a change in my routine.

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Oh yeah and check out the review video here.