March 16, 2010

Review: Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

Hey all! I purchased the Honey I Washed the Kids soap about a month ago because I'd seen all the great reviews on it. You know, the typical 'great smelling', 'caramel-y smelling' reviews? Well, I finally succumbed and bought it.

Now, I had huge expectations for this soap just because everyone has been raving about it. So, I went to the store, took a whiff, and HOLY BAJEEZUS. It smelt absolutely amazing! I went ahead and bought about 400g of this, which is quite a lot considering I live in Hong Kong and this costed me about 200hkd. This is around the equivalent of about 25usd? So, it was quite expensive.

Anyway, I got the woman who was working at the particular lush store I bought the soap at to cut the soap up into roughly four equal pieces. I had cut it so that two pieces had the gorgeous honeycomb pattern on top and two pieces were just the plain pale yellow soap. So I hopped into the shower with this soap, sniffing it along the way just because it smelt that good. It is extremely difficult to describe the smell. It's sort of an extremely sweet, caramel/toffee, but also honey smell, I guess. Haha, well that did a great job...

Back to the shower, so I went into my shower and after I'd used my shampoo and had put in my conditioner I took the soap and ran it under the hot water for a second or two. This was just so you know, I didn't have to put dry soap on my skin and make it, like, skid on my skin if you know what I mean. Anyway, so I ran it under the water, and put it on my skin and started sort of, rubbing up and down and to my surprise, it made bubbles! :D Of course, they weren't like huge, bubble bath sort of bubbles... they were more like tiny little bubbles that you get when a soap lathers really well. I expected it to be more creamy and that it'd be difficult to lather, but this wasn't the case obviously.

Moving on, I found this soap to be slightly drying. Don't get me wrong, my skin felt clean after I'd used it, but it wasn't moisturizing for me at all. Overall, I love this soap just because of the smell and because of how it acts like a soap, but moisturizing? Not so much. I use a moisturizer anyhow so it didn't really make a change in my routine.

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Oh yeah and check out the review video here.

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