March 16, 2010

Review: MAC's Technakohl Liner

I bought this eyeliner on a whim. I needed a pencil liner that I could use on my waterline and I'd heard from a couple of friends that the MAC one is one of the better ones to use. So I got it, since I didn't have any and I only had liquid eyeliner.

I really do like this product, just because it is one of those automatic pencil liners. It isn't an eyeliner that you have to sharpen constantly. Of course, this just means that the end won't be that sharp all the time but that's fine with me, to be honest... I mean, I can always work the pencil until it goes to a slightly pointed edge.

What I've found is that this eyeliner does go on extremely smoothly, but that's because it's a kohl liner. It's meant to be soft. This also meant that it goes on my waterline well, but it also gets off well... I mean, it stayed for a bit, but if I happened to tightline that day it would slip off after a couple hours in need of reapplication.

The good thing is, when applied to your upper lash line, it does stay put for a long time. However, it does slip a bit to your outer v area, where your upper and lower water line meet. It kind of goes into that little crease and a bit below it as well after a couple hours of wear, or if you have teary eyes.

For me, because on most days, I tend to just wear eyeliner, or even no make up, it's pretty easy for me to remove. I just use a cotton pad, soak it up with my makeup remover and place it over my eye for a couple of seconds before moving the cotton pad gently back and forth to get rid of the product. I've found that it works well to use a q-tip, just to get in between your lashes or on your waterline just because you don't want any of that makeup remover to get into your eyes to cause blurriness/stinging.

Overall, I do like this eyeliner, the staying power just isn't that good in my book. But you could always set it with a powder, just be careful of fallouts and please be extremely careful when you place the powder on your waterline, as it could get into your eye and cause damage.

For a short video on this, please click here.

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