April 6, 2010

Review: The Body Shop's Nature's Minerals Foundation Brush

This is a review on The Body Shop's foundation brush made especially for their mineral foundation (which I also own). It is a kabuki brush, made from synthetic hairs and retails at about USD26.

I used to use The Body Shop mineral foundation but found that the SA did not match it correctly to my skin at all. She matched me to a 04, which was a bit too dark and yellow and made me look orange if I layered it for more coverage. I've since switched using this brush for my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural.

Anyway, this brush, I feel, is a great brush for powders, or even for the final stages of buffing out your liquid foundation. It's much cheaper than the MAC/other branded brushes, but I think the quality of this brush is definitely up to par.

To be honest, when I saw this brush, I didn't want to try it at all. C'mon, buying brushes, at The Body Shop? Not really something that crossed my mind. Anyway, I was interested in their mineral foundation, and the SA tried the foundation on my face with this brush. It felt really good, haha, so I bought both. It wasn't what I expected for the price.

It is so, so dense. And it picks up just the right amount of product. It feels soft on the skin, not pokey at all. I've put it through several washes and it hasn't shed a bit at all. Just make sure not to dry the brush standing up, or it will cause the glue to loosen up and the hairs to fall out eventually.

Overall? I totally recommend this brush and would definitely repurchase it (I doubt I'll need to though). I know that The Body Shop isn't known for their makeup brushes but this is definitely one of the cheaper, good quality brushes you will find. It doesn't shed at all, it's extremely dense, and it's relatively inexpensive (the MAC 182 kabuki costs USD45!). Good stuff. If you're still skeptical, go to your local The Body Shop and check it out!

Oh yeah, one thing.  I found this brush was quite difficult to dry.  Maybe it's just the way I wash it.  Anyone else have this problem?   Comment and let me know!

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