April 3, 2010

Review: Benefit's Ooh La Lift

I was on my way back to Hong Kong from a short trip to Malaysia when I bought this product from the Duty Free store. This retails at USD22, which is pretty pricey for an under-eye brightener but it is a high end product, which is reason enough for the quality and price of this product.

Anyway, in case you didn't know already, this is Benefit's Ooh La Lift, and it is an "instant under-eye brightening boost". There are raspberry extracts and light reflecting particles in it. Now most people misunderstand this product as a concealer. It is definitely not a concealer. It is simply an under-eye brightener that's a quick pick me up, you know? Just to give you a I-slept-more-than-three-hours look.

It is, under no circumstances, to replace your concealer though, this will just give you a more wide awake look, and it will instantly brighten up your eyes. This colour is quite pale, but it is supposed to be universally flattering. I guess that's to each his/her own, because I think that this is just light enough for my skin, but I have pretty light skin as I use a NW20 from MAC for concealers.

Pros? It blends extremely smoothly and well, it feels slightly tingly, which to me is a good thing cos' then it feels like it's doing something, you know? It definitely brightens up the under-eye area and makes me dark circles less noticeable. Also, one of these will last you forever. There is so much product in one of those little tubes and you really don't need that much.

Obviously, there are also cons. The directions that come with the box says that you only need three dots and that's definitely not the case. You need to do a good swipe under your eye and a dot on your eyelid as well as the inner corner of the eye to brighten up that area. I don't think this is a universally flattering colour. If you have dark skin, this might not work well on you as it is an extremely pale pink colour.

Overall, it is an okay product, but I wouldn't repurchase. I'm good with my MAC concealer for under-eye circles as it is much more natural and definitely conceals better. This is a good eye brightener for those who don't like concealers/feel concealers are too cakey. This will not be cakey at all, and it doesn't crease. So, kudos to that.

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