April 4, 2010

Quick Tip: How To Store Your Lush Soaps

A quick guide to storing your lush soaps!

1) Cut your soap into desired sized pieces (I like mine in little blocks)
2) Wrap them up individually in cellophane (the clear plastic stuff)

Now there are a couple ways in terms of where you can store your soaps. First of all, in the closet. Now, you may think... the closet? Really? Yep, really. It actually helps soak up the humidity in the air. This is extremely useful since I live in Hong Kong and the humidity here is like, crazy. But anyway, soaps have the power to just soak up the liquids in the air and I use those instead of moth balls, or whatever those thingies you stick in your wardrobe are cold. Another plus? Your clothes smell crazily nice :)

Another place? Just take a tall, clear vase, and make pretty patterns with your different soaps! It's pretty, and it takes up less room by stacking them vertically. Keep in mind that it might be difficult to take the ones at the bottom up if you have a large collection of them.

If you're the type of person who likes to buy several different soaps, and switch up after every shower, then buy a couple of those little re-usable plastic boxes. You know, the plastic boxes you use to store your leftovers in the fridge? Those work well because then all the smells are kept within their container and you can just take whichever one you want in the bathroom.

Also, adding on to the vase idea, you could store them in a bowl if you have the space. Just lay them out so you can see which ones you have, you know? That way, you can see which ones you have and plan which ones you're going to use next. This isn't just for soaps, you can do this with bath bombs, bath melts, all that fun stuff.

Good luck :) Hope this helped you out!

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